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Stop Making Excuses! Dreams and Passions Matter!

I ran across this TED talk months ago.  Larry Smith is an economist who clearly understands more than just numbers.  You will probably find this video funny, but you also might find it hard to listen to the excuses people use for not pursuing their passions or dreams.  You may even recognize a few. BUT, before you click…

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Life Lack Meaning? Get back to the Important Places.

Father’s day is Sunday.  It always reminds me of my dad and the adventures we shared. I came across a video, the important places, about six weeks ago.  I was incredibly touched by the story and the deep meaning of this short film. By Gnarly Bay, Forest Woodward and friends (You can access the video…

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Stop Settling. Start Living.

At the end of May, I found freedom.  It has been 28 years in the making. I quit my corporate job!  To some of you this  may sound frightening, maybe even crazy.  I can feel the fear and uncertainty as you read this post. What about the financial hit and reduction in income? What about your unvested…

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