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What if Money was no Object? Really?

I watched this short video just a few days ago called, “What if Money was no Object”by the late Alan Watts, a British philosopher.  You can access the video here.  It is a great view (3 minutes) and will likely remind you of that dream of yours. For some reason, this question or a similar question gets raised on…

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All Great Guides Possess these Qualities

That’s a picture of Kray and me about 5 years ago, fishing the N. Platte River in Wyoming. Kray is by far the best guide I have fished with and it’s not even close. What makes him so good? It is not about the fishing, he knows that inside out, having guided since he was…

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Freedom Always Requires A Battle

Over the weekend, if you live in the United States, you likely celebrated the 4th of July. Independence Day Last summer I took my family to Washington D. C. and we visited the National Archives, where the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights can be seen.  These three documents are called…

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