Hi! I’m Tim
Founder of Fishing for the Good Life

I’m a career coach, mentor and adventure guide who helps overwhelmed business professionals turn their lives second halves into their best halves yet.

My work revolves around guiding men into re-discovering and initiating their lives’ work through personal and group coaching, along with adventure based events that hold vital space for awareness, revelations and meaningful internal shifts to occur. Out of the office and into nature, you get a chance to reactivate your inner code and bring to light your vigor, passion and purpose.

My job is to help you discover that inner code again, so you can start to live it now.

I tend to help seasoned career guys and executives who feel buried by the daily grind but can’t help but feel like there’s more to life than “work as a penance for living” - or settling for work that no longer has meaning. For me, this mission is personal - but more on that later.

Making your life’s second half your best half begins by fishing for more moments of meaning, adventure, personal freedom and purpose.

And it all begins today. Let me show you how.

Be Pissed Off (for Your Own Sake)

If your career path has been anything like mine, I’m going to guess how the first half of your life has panned out - stop me when I’m wrong:

  • Dad told you that there were only so many degrees that could keep you “employed for life.” (For me, it was Accounting and Finance). You hated it, but you did it anyway. People expected you to do it. It was the “smart” thing to do.

  • You came out of school looking for the best gig you could. Something in a Fortune 500 company or Big Corporate with a distinct career-ladder that you could climb all the way to the executive level.

  • You landed your entry level job. For me, it was with Hewlett-Packard.

  • But... you were more remorseful than celebrating when you got hired. You knew, deep down, that starting on this path would be really tough to change in the future.

  • You started a family, bought a house and... well, you know the rest.

  • You worked hard, earned your keep, climbed the career ladder, and kept hitting the next tiers of earning.

  • You met the expectations of others, and you just kept going. Life has felt like this for a while now: “Wake up, work, go to sleep, repeat…”


But one day, you may have woken up and realized that you were completely disengaged at home. You felt like you’re weren’t seeing your kids grow up. You were always frustrated and distant. Your wife seemed relieved whenever you were about to leave for work or that business trip. You’re suddenly worried that your family is in jeopardy.

This was the life I was living.

Thankfully, a friend helped me realize how poorly I was as a father and a husband. It was tough medicine. But I really needed to hear it.

Thereafter, I began to build a personal spiritual foundation to get my roots back. Right away, I found myself seeking outdoor activities that promised a feeling of aliveness, vibrancy and excitement in my life - especially since corporate supply chain work tends to feel pretty soulless.

I started some men’s groups with my local church to bring guys together to support one another with camaraderie and brotherhood. We began traveling on canoe trips to Canada (for fishing, of course!). I kept pushing myself into new adventures. I hiked a few “fourteeners.” I became fascinated with fly fishing. Being knee-deep in a river was invigorating but also relaxing. There are no heavy burdens in the river. It just flows.

Adventure, nature and the outdoors brought me back to my roots as a man: no longer was I just suffering through work to provide for my family, I had rediscovered a sense of aliveness and excitement again.

Passion for the outdoors and adventure stirred up an inner code that I had tucked away for “another time” those years ago when I first came on with HP.


Of course, I kept working.

I continued crisscrossing the globe re-building global supply chains for improved financial performance. I helped hi-tech companies build, re-engineer and optimize their global supply chains for improved service and profitability. I rose through the ranks, coordinated with an international team, flew around the world, held overnight calls with business partners in Asia, and earned titles like Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Financial Officer.

But I kept hearing myself say that there was more to life - and that I was missing it.

And, to be honest? I started getting pretty pissed off that I was missing out on my best years.

Life’s first half had flown by.
Every time I took another adventure, I came back to work saying,
“Do I really need to keep waiting to live my life to the fullest?”

That’s when the memory of my father flashed before me.

My Dad was the ultimate adventurer. My first memories of him were on the banks of Derby Pond, teaching me to fish. He was an entrepreneur who owned movie theatres and catalogue stores, sold advertising, and finally ended up editing a newspaper in Arizona. He loved it. But he couldn’t feel fulfilled by his passion work. He cared too much about the traditional scorecard that you and I have lived by for so long: what titles we earn, how many hours we burn away in the office, how much we earn, and so on.

He fell depressed. He stopped taking care of himself. He longed to go home and fish with his buddies on the east coast.

But Dad passed away too soon - at the young age of 60.

Dad never had the chance to make his second half his best half. And when I looked at my own life, I was wondering if I was really any better off. The money, the status and my identity were keeping me from initiating a change in my life that my heart yearned for.

It was time for me to make a major change.

I quit my job and brought the first phase of my career to a close.


Today, I’m inviting you along to come along fishin’ for your best life yet.

Your second half should be your best half. If you’re feeling less and less connected to your authentic truth, and wondering when the hell someone might step up and help you for a change, well, that’s what I’m here for.

Hit the pause button on your overwhelm. Give yourself permission to slow down and re-examine your true priorities - right now, and moving forward. Trust that if you take a short break to find some clarity, that things won’t suddenly fall apart and leave everyone around you broke, unsupported and disappointed.

You’ve worked hard. You’ve done your part.

Heck, you may not be near changing your career or retiring just yet. And yet, you have earned this. You deserve to fish for the good life: more moments of purpose and meaning, nature and community, adventure and conversation. Now is the only time you have to take the space for self-awareness to happen, and get back into the things that really excite you, light you up, and make you feel fully alive.

When I’m not helping busy execs and burned out professionals find more adventure and purpose in their everyday lives, I plan my year around fishing: from run-off to the salmon fly hatch, caddis hatch and all sorts of outdoors and fishing trips.

I’m obsessed with quality fountain pens and paper, rotate personal development books with crime and mystery novels, am a sucker for movies like Rudy, Moneyball, Shawshank Redemption and Hoosiers, and wish I could still dunk a basketball.

If you’re ready to learn how you can start to go fishing for the good life and interested in making your second half your best half.

  1. Download my free e-book, 10 Things To Do Now to Prepare for a Career Change, which can help you fish for more moments of adventure and purpose while making your life’s second half the best half.

  1. Read my free blog articles on how you can begin fishing for your good life.

  1. Schedule a few minutes here with me on my calendar and we can discuss what it means to pursue the good life right now.

Here’s to the best half that awaits you!


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