Fishing for the Good Life – The Truth

I read that quote in a book 16 years ago.

What makes you come alive?

Have I found any answers – I think so, but as with anything in life, the quest to live a good life, a life fully alive, well, it’s elusive.

My quest for the good life has had its fair share of twists and turns, false idols, dead ends, burn out and tremendous highs and tremendous lows.  I suspect that’s life for most of us.  We all want the highs to exceed the lows, but most of us are barely hanging on.

I’ve made every attempt to find my passion, my strengths and shore up my weaknesses.  I have adopted the outdoors and fishing as a core tenet of my good life.  A life fully alive.  Fishing has been a part of my life since the early days.  Fishing with my dad on the banks of Moore’s lake or Derby pond.  I have been fishing for the good life ever since.   (Yup, that’s me when I was about 8 years old)  Nice trout actually.


When you become a fisherman, you subject yourself to the same frustrations and joy experienced in life.  Fishing requires research, planning, learning, trial and error.  Periods of success, periods of failure.  You make an investment in trying new techniques, reading, talking to the experts and along the way you catch some fish.  But, there are dry periods as well.  You switch tactics, try new flies, talk to some other fisherman and get back on track.  Some days you just pack it in, not your day, but you keep going, because, well, you are fisherman and fisherman fish.

Then one day, you find a sweet spot.  You figure out that river.  You locate those key spots on that massive lake you had written off. Soon though, that river and lake become predictable and it’s nice to know you have a go to spot to catch fish, but it can also shut down the adventure, the investment required to figure out that new sweet spot.  Sometimes you just quit fishing altogether and continue hanging out where you know you can catch fish.  For some, well that’s good enough.  But for others, there is that nagging feeling you are missing out.

Missing out on something more.

There were periods of time in my life, where I stopped fishing.  Falling into, what can be the stale routine of life.  You know that one, where everyone else knows what’s best for you.  What will make your life fully alive?  School, get a good job, don’t take risks, don’t do anything foolish, play it safe.  Maybe even settle for that place you know you can catch some fish.

All rational, most noble and most worth pursuing – But a life fully alive, seems a bit off from that mark.

My quest for a life fully alive came to a head three years ago.  Burned out, tired, out of shape (physically and mentally) I decided it was time.  Time to change tactics, make another investment in finding that sweet spot, get out of my comfort zone, time to go fishing again.

This time though, I didn’t have a roadmap.  No fishing reports on that new body of water I wanted to fish.  So, I started talking to experts, hired a coach, a mentor under the guise of finding more meaningful work.  But really what I wanted was a new body of water, a new sweet spot, one that I could hold onto forever and tap into anytime I wanted.  After many hours of reflecting, reading, studying, talking and scrapping off the beliefs engrained in me since childhood, I slowly started figuring out this new body of water.  I scaled back my hi-tech career, got some training and launched this thing I called:

Fishing for the Good Life

First of all, let me get one thing out of the way:

NO – I did not retire to become a fishing guide.  One, I am just not that good a fisherman and two, talk to a fishing guide in July, these guys have a demanding lifestyle, not for everyone.  Besides, most fishing guides actually fish very little and I love to fish.

So –  What is this Fishing for the Good Life all about?


Really simple on the surface, but elusive, kind of like that new river you are trying to figure out, trial and error.

Go do what makes you come alive?

We all want to live a good life  —- A life that matters —— A life fully alive.  One filled with adventure, meaningful work, community, great relationships, connected to something larger than ourselves.

But somewhere along the way, we lose our way and we stop fishing:

  • We settle.
  • Dreams and adventures fade to the background.
  • We settle for work that drains us.
  • We don’t pursue what we really want.
  • Afraid to take risks, worried what others will think, distracted by the status quo.
  • Wearing masks to please others with a desire to be truly known.

As a result, we let time slide by, unwilling to step into a great story, an epic story.  Your life story.  A story only you were meant to write.  A story only you can deliver.

To do that, you have to explore, adventure and risk.  You have to pursue your life’s work.  You have to have community, live intentionally and take focused action.

What I do!

I am a career coach, mentor and guide who helps overwhelmed business professionals turn life’s second half into their best half. I work with seasoned career guys and executives who feel buried by the daily grind but can’t help but feel like there’s more to life than “work as a penance for living” – or settling for work that no longer has meaning.

I guide men to discover and initiate their lives’ work through personal coaching, group coaching and adventure based events that hold the vital space for awareness, revelations and meaningful internal shifts to occur.  Out of the office and into nature you get a chance to reactivate your inner code and bring to light your vigor, passion and purpose.

My job is to help you discover that inner code again, and start to live it now.

Five Core Tenets of a Life Fully Alive and a Great Second Half

Cultivate Self Awareness – Do you know what you really want?  Do you understand the business of you?  Have you made you your number one priority?  Do you fully understand the “Why” behind all you do today?  Do you understand your deep values and your unique contribution only you can make to the world?  These are the critical questions you must come to understand.

Your Life’s work – Work is such a key part of our lives.  So many people settle for work that pays the bills, but brings very little life.  Your work, your career has such an impact on the quality of your good life and when it’s good, everything else falls into place, when it’s bad, it can impact everyone around you.  You need to find work that lights you up.  It is critical.

Adventure – You have one?  I doubt it.  Everybody should have an adventure, one that challenges them, one you are not sure how to accomplish, one that tests you.  Read more here on the various levels of adventure.

Community – You have a best friend?  Likely.  You have a community that challenges you?  Maybe.  You have a community you can count on?  I hope so.

Go watch this Ted talk about the key to a good life, rational and intuitive, but why don’t we execute?  Your quest for a life fully alive must contain a community, your tribe, your people.

Live intentionally – This is the enabler to all the above – Do you have habits and routines that allow you to reach your goals?  Do you pursue what makes you come alive on a consistent basis?  How is your productivity?  You have to take intentional action on a consistent basis to pursue your good life.

Problems I Help You Solve

Career Adventures

  • You want to make a career change, you need to make a career change, but not sure where to start.
  • You don’t know what role or job you want and not sure how to pursue.
  • Your current career has flat-lined and you want more meaning and challenge in your next role.
  • You are overwhelmed in your current career and having a hard time getting momentum to pursue a change.
  • You have some ideas about what you want, but not sure how to get clarity

I can help you create momentum and clarity as you develop your next career adventure. Click here for my Career Adventure Programs.

Your Life’s Work

  • You have had a long successful career (15+ years) but it has plateaued and you want to pursue more meaningful work.
  • Your ready to cap off your legacy with a second career act.
  • You are ready to create your life’s work, work you were meant to do, work that matters.
  • You want to use your skills and experiences to benefit society and your community, but not sure how to get started.
  • You have a second act in mind but not sure how to pursue or create a transition plan from your current role.

I can help you identify work that takes all you know, your special skills and expertise to find or create work with more meaning.  Create Your Life’s Work Programs can be found here.

A Life Fully Alive – Your Next 30

  • Your life has become routine.  You know there is more, but not sure how to tap back into your passions.
  • You have a dream you want to pursue, but no clue how to get started.
  • Your current commitments are overwhelming and you are having a hard time creating space to explore what’s next.
  • You are dis-satisfied with major areas of your life, but can’t break old habits and figure out how to make any progress.
  • You can’t get to the important things in your life.
  • You want to create a vision for your second half.  Your work, your community, your adventure.

I can help you craft a vision for your second half and get you moving in that direction.

Feel free to book 30 minutes with me here to see if this would be a good next step for your adventure.


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  • If you want to read more about me and my story, go here.


  • Stay tuned – Next week I will give you a focused opportunity to start working towards your good life.  (Yes, it involves a bit of fishing)  I think you will like it.

If you have read this far.  Thank you.  Over the last 18 months, I have heard from so many of you.

Thank you for reading my stories.

I want you to know that I will continue to bring you my stories, my hopes and dreams for you, my insights, and create resources that will help you live your version of the good life.

Just remember, you have to go fishing for it.

And that my friends is the Truth about Fishing for the Good Life.

Tight Lines,

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