Make Someday Today

Someday – When I get around to it.

Someday – Feels good the moment you say it, then gone forever.

Someday – Code word for never.

Someday – Where dreams go to die.

Last summer my daughter and I made someday today.  Seven days living in the Canadian wilderness.  I had been on this trip six or seven times, coming home and reliving the adventure thru pictures and stories with my kids.  Over the years, it was always, someday we will make time and effort so they could have the experience themselves in person.

This trip is demanding.  Not someplace you necessarily want to take a five year old.  Certainly viewed more as a guys trip, but I have seen plenty of young ladies on my previous trips.  My son was the first to go and we have been several times together.  Trips to remember for sure.  Once again,  showing up back home with stories and pictures to show his three sisters.


Last summer the group I usually go with decided it was time to let the daughters in on the fun.  So, I floated the idea to my two oldest daughters.  Hesitation.  The trip itself is a wonder.  A place untouched by humans most of the time.  When it is available, there is a daily limit on how many they let access the park.

It can be an uncomfortable trip.  Lots of paddling.  Lots of bugs.  Carrying a seventy five pound pack between lakes.  Did I mention the bugs? The true wonders of the world require a commitment to access.

Oh, but the beauty.


After a month or so of explaining, in detail, the logistics of the trip, (umm – Where do we go to the bathroom?), my oldest daughter took the leap.  Permits were secured, equipment dusted off and calendars set.

Needless to say it was an adventure.  Fish were caught, sprained ankles ensued, hammocks were hung, more paddling than you can imagine and mosquito nets were the highlight of the trip.  Memories were made.


Someday – an indefinite future time.  Someday gives you hope and makes you feel good in the moment.  Just saying it can create a whim of anticipation and excitement.

Usually said with good intent, but really too vague. 

Usually said with conviction, but lacks specifics or a real commitment.

Usually said at the end of a really good conversation, a toss away word, with hope and prayer overtones.

Usually said in the context of big dreams or goals, but with a hint of doubt.

I find myself doing this all the time.  Over the years, the same old fishing haunts can become stale and predictable, so you are always looking for new experiences, new water and new territory.  Oh, we all talk a big game.  Alaska, Chile, Patagonia, Kamchatka, Christmas Island and Labrador have all floated in and out of our conversations over the years.

All Someday

What we end up doing is going to the same places.  Comfort zones.  We know the river, it’s sort of a no brainer.  I know what to expect.  I know I can catch fish.  Besides, those other places are expensive and require too much effort, planning and research.

Do we not do this with many areas of our life?

Someday I will look for that new job. That dream job.  That meaningful job.

Someday I will get healthy and get in shape.

Someday I will take that trip I have always read about.

Someday I will learn to (fill in the blank).

If you have too many somedays on your bucket list, don’t you think it is time to either get on with it or take them off the list?

Maybe it is time to dust off that someday and ask:

Why is this important to me?

Most of the time, we don’t spend enough time examining the real Why’s behind that someday.  The wilderness trip with my daughter was about the experience, the time together and the adventure for sure, but really it was more about actualizing the someday we talked about years ago.  Trust me the wilderness experience is great, but doing it with my daughter made it awesome.

Why haven’t you taken any action to make that someday today? 

To me this is simple – The why behind your someday is not big enough.  It’s just not that important and does not carry enough meaning for you to take serious action.  For some of you, that may hurt, but action or lack thereof tells all.

See, the bigger someday, the bigger goal, the bigger challenge, the bigger the change, it requires a big why to match or your will lose motivation and someday never becomes today.

Maybe someday scares you to death, requires too much change or seems impossible given your current circumstances.  Or maybe you just have no idea where to start.   Yup, been there.

Here is what I have learned.

You have to start. 

Start taking the smallest steps towards someday.  Do research, read a book, talk to someone who has done what you are after.

Can you make a commitment to spend an hour a week on your someday?

This will give you the hope, anticipation and keep your someday present, alive and moving.

At some point, all those small steps will create momentum and you will make someday today.

Tight Lines,

PS – Looks like my two oldest daughters are talking about canoeing this year.  Will let you know how it turns out.  I hope they carry my pack.

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