What Moments Are You Chasing?

Moments – A very short period of time.  A precise point in time.  A time of excellence.

I bet all of you can think of several great moments in your life.  Our lives seem to be a series of moments.

A special birthday.
Graduation from High School or College.
An anniversary.
Birth of a child.
Promotion at work.
Completing a great work assignment.
Your wedding day.
A new girlfriend or boyfriend. (hmm, maybe not)
A trip or vacation with family.
A kid’s graduation.
Your mom or dad’s 80th birthday party.
An engagement.
A championship.
A big win.
A great trip.

What makes them great moments?  Well, usually they involve celebrating an accomplishment, probably one you struggled to achieve.  Maybe one that took years planning, working and executing..  The important people in your life are present.  Those whom you care about and whom care about you.  Those you are connected to and helped you along the way.

I remember back in 2008, my family and I spent a weekend in Steamboat.  It was during the summer Olympics and we synchronized our activities so we would not miss Michael Phelps races.  He won 8 gold medals that summer.  For some reason, my kids really remember that weekend.  I think it was the fascination with such a feat and the drama and mystery associated with the races.  I remember the weekend was unscripted.  We just hung out at the pool, ate some good meals, played a few games and watched Michael Phelps race.  Simple, but memorable.


We take a ton of pictures and relive them over and over again.  I have great memories of fishing trips, some stand out and others I can hardly remember.  The ones I remember usually had some remarkable event.  Someone caught a huge fish.  The boat sank.  Someone lost a huge fish.

A moment.  The great ones are gone before you know it.  As you grow older the great moments seem to be further and further apart.  Yeah, I know birthdays are every year, but as you get older, those are just not as much fun as they used to be.  Other moments become predictable and the excitement and adventure are missing.

Memorable Moments

As you grow older, it seems there are fewer and fewer great moments in life.  Weddings, Grandkids, maybe more travel, maybe an advancement in your work?

Maybe we just forget what makes a great moment? And Why it was a great moment? And What can I do to get back to great moments?

Unfortunately not every day can contain a great moment.  Wait.  Why not?  Well, moments are short in duration and don’t usually last very long.  Probably true, but why can’t we have more great moments?

Why can’t we have great days, weeks, months contained with great moments?  They all don’t have to be lived thru a scrapbook.  Right.

I think we all are hoping to have more great moments.  I think we are all chasing great moments, striving for something significant, something memorable in our lives.  But how do we recognize a great moment?  What characteristics are present?  Who is there?  What were you doing?  I gave you a few clues above, but great moments are likely different for everybody, for different reasons.

So, here is a question to consider.

Write out your answer.  Don’t type it on a keyboard, write it out, like we used to have to do before smartphones and email.

Describe two peak moments in your life.  One personal.  One professional.

A moment where everything was just about perfect.

What were you doing?
Where were you?  Inside, Outside.  In a Building.
How did you feel?
What day was it?
What was the weather like outside?
Who was with you?
What specifically made it a peak moment?
Why was it a peak moment for you?

Now, write down everything you can remember.  Pay close attention to the events that led up to that moment.  Was it a celebration?  What was being celebrated? How do you feel now remembering that moment?  Write that down too.

Now soak that in.  Go chase those moments.

Tight Lines,

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