Who are You Selling Short? Yourself, Others or Both?

Passion, Gifts, Talents, Calling, Purpose – I could go on and on.

There are wide and varying opinions on chasing you’re dreams.  Folks who say chasing your dream is a waste of time and those that say chasing your dream is everything.  Those who say chasing your dream is overrated and those who say your passions are what makes life worth living.

Recently – while doubting my own passions and purpose, I have been wondering – Does it even matter?

I mean seriously – does it matter if you are or are not pursuing your dream, calling or passion?

Does it matter you have settled for work that leaves you drained on a daily basis?  Not the good kind either.

Does it matter you consciously buried your dream due to doubts, fears and thoughts that it won’t work anyway or it’s not realistic?

Does it matter you have had a desire to make a change in your life, but couldn’t muster up the courage to take the first step?

Does anyone notice?  Does anyone care?

Does anyone notice your lack of energy and passion for much of anything?

Does anyone care you’re not happy with your work?

Does anyone care you have this incredible talent you are not sharing with anyone?

Does anyone notice your lack of enthusiasm or the missing sparkle in your eyes?

These are big weighty questions, aren’t they?

Questions that require deep thought and considerations.  Questions that require a level of energy to answer or even begin to pursue.  Questions that require you to feel again.  You need to be in the right state of mind, thinking clearly, creating space to remember and an excitement to begin.

OR –

You need to be so fed up with your current situation that you get pissed off enough to do something about it.  That is the more likely place you end up.  It may take some time to get there.  Maybe you get there and well, you still don’t do anything.  What happens then?

Where do I land on this topic?

I believe if you have a desire or yearning to pursue a new venture, a new career, a second act, a new hobby, get in shape or whatever, you dang sure should take the steps to head in that direction.

I know, it is not easy sometimes.  I have been down this path so many times, it makes my head hurt.

I believe even if you aren’t clear on what that one thing is, you should spend some time figuring it out.

Life is more interesting when striving for something that matters – but it has to matter to you.  It may not turn out the way you wanted, but that will be a story unto itself.

And here are a few more reasons why pursuing your dreams matter:

I believe everyone is given a set of skills, talents and gifts.  Gifts to be shared.  I believe others in your life deserve your best talents and your best energy.

I believe there are people out there waiting for you to unleash your skills and talents, so they can benefit.

Yes, I also believe you should do it for yourself as well.  BUT, just doing it for your own enjoyment, well that really only benefits you. Your calling, passions and desires are meant to have a larger impact.

Failing to pursue your dreams, could lead you to stop dreaming.

Just pursuing your dreams will give others inspiration to pursue theirs.  (See my blog here on how my daughter inspired me to get moving)

Pursuing your dream makes you more interesting.  (Doesn’t everyone want to be more interesting?)

Also, you don’t want to live with regret that you never took a shot at what you believed or what you wanted.  (This is the one that motivates me.)

Pursuing your dream will push you, lead you to meet new people, make new friends and live a more fulfilled life.

Your dreams, goals and passions give you purpose.

Life has a tendency to push down our dreams and desires.  We start heading down the road of life and then we find ourselves on a road going someplace we don’t want to be.  But it may take some time for that to play out.  Time chasing work that you thought would be good or even great.  By the time you figured out it wasn’t, well you have traveled a long way.  Trying to get back on the right road can be challenging, but it’s possible.

Let me leave you with a few examples of those who have made changes, pursued their dreams and took some action:

A former co-worker of mine just quit their job to pursue an art and pottery business.  (One of a kind custom greeting cards)

Another former co-worker – realized he loved all things real estate.  After spending a year preparing, he too quit his job and is now a serious real estate investor and loves helping others find their dream home.

A childhood friend of mine recently sent me this photo of a custom fishing lure he painted for a fishing trip next month.  My friend had always been a gifted artist and painter, but also loved aviation.  He spent the majority of his career flying planes in the military.  While we have not always stayed in touch throughout the years, we have a shared love of the outdoors and fishing.


The lure made me smile.

See, I believe, sometimes, we make pursuing our passions or desires way too complicated.  We also think that pursuing those dreams should lead to something big or famous.  No, it just needs to be big for you and those you impact.

We all need to pay attention to the desires that give us a jump in our step, make us lose track of time and most of all bring a smile to others.

Stop selling yourself short and those around you.  Take a step, any step to start pursuing your dreams.  Not just for you, but for the benefit of others.

Even if it only brings a smile.

Tight Lines,

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